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Useful shortcuts !

In the morning hours, it's common that the 192 gets clogged up slightly.  Here are some alternative ways to Disney that most travelers are unaware of & which will usually get you to  Disney WorldŽ from our villa in 5 minutes:-

(1) From the villa, turn right onto Funie Steed instead of crossing it into Lindfields Boulevard.  Go about 2 miles to cross-roads with Formosa Gardens Blvd.
(If  you turn left here, you'll emerge onto the 192 with Formosa Gardens Shopping Center on your left.)
    Continue across Formosa on Funie Steed (very short unpaved stretch) & cross Entry point & Old Lake Wilson Roads. At 'T' you must turn right onto dual carriageway. Get in left lane immediately & U turn at gap. At lights, turn right onto the 192 & keep in the right hand lane as Disney main entrance is less than 1 mile right....

(2) To Animal Kingdom / Blizzard Beach.
Take Funie Steed (as above) & turn left into Formosa Gardens Blvd. Turn right onto 192 & then left just after the Bonanza Mini-golf / Magic Mining Co. into Sherbeth Rd. Follow the road 'till it reaches Animal Kingdom Lodge. Turn right for the entrance to Animal Kingdom.  Blizzard Beach is nearby.

(3) There's a slightly shorter route than above for those with keen eyesight ! A couple of minutes before the Mini-golf on the 192 is Black Lake Road (left), If you take this one, you'll come out to turn left onto Sherbeth Rd.(as above).
Returning to the villa after the fireworks at Epcot or Magic Kingdom (not Animal Kingdom - they don't do fireworks there...), Disney World Drive tends to be slow going, but to be honest, after a hard day's Disneying, no one cares !
However, if your brain's still active after all those mice, you can avoid the worst of the traffic if you aim for Blizzard Beach & then Animal Kingdom. Just before you reach the Animal Kingdom toll booths (red & green lights visible), turn left to Animal Kingdom Lodge. You'll shortly reach traffic lights & need to be in the 'left turn only' lane. Turn left & you're on Sherbeth Rd. heading directly to the 192, where you turn right to get back to the villa.

Kennedy Space Centre is an easy drive from the villa:-
Take Interstate 4 West (Orlando) to the Beeline Expressway (528) East.
You will come to exit 407 (Titusville / Kennedy Space Centre).  Take the 407 'till it ends at the 405. Drive east about 1 mile 'till you see a Redstone rocket on your right. There's a small building near the rocket that says 'Badging'. This is where you can pick up a badge for your visit & obtain a map. The first button will take you to the 'NASA' website, the second to a site giving projected launchdates:
( You'll have to use the 'back' arrow on your browser, if you want to get back to this page from either link...)

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