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Golf in Florida is pursued with a passion.    No wonder when there are more than 1000 courses across the state.    Enthusiasts can tee off beside a palm tree one day and the next chip onto a green beside an ancient mossy oak.    Each course has it's own unique scenery, ever changing with the seasons, so interesting that many professional tours stop here each year.    The only time you really can't find a golf course close to hand is when you explore the Everglades.

Most of the local courses allow visitors to play without being members or hotel guests, however, it is often necessary to book beforehand.    Because Florida courses tend to be flat, (very few hills in Florida which aren't artificial), most are easy to walk.    You also have the added bonus of beautifully manicured green lawns set against clear blue skies.    Motorized carts are available at most courses and are usually included in the very reasonable fees.    These exist mainly to speed up play, Florida being the retirement capital of America....    There is usually a basic dress code of shirt and long trousers or Bermuda-length shorts. There is often a 'no jeans' rule.

Orlando has many courses but just a half mile from the entrance to Lindfields is the excellent Orange Lake Country Club (407-239-0000). The founder of the world-wide Holiday Inn chain created this club and it has a wonderful family environment.    There are many facilities that you can use, including FOUR golf courses, not least the 27 hole championship golf course designed by the famous architect Joe Lee.    This is the home of a double - ended driving range and 'Swings the Thing' golf school, as recommended by Golfing Magazine.    It is advertised as the  most modern and complete golf teaching facility in the world !    There are lessons covering every aspect of golf, from basic fundamentals up through swing fault correction, video analysis, daily 'shot of the day' clinics and instructional tapes.    Lessons can be on a private or group basis.    This has been voted the best school for the last 25 years and has 9 locations nationwide - when staying at our villa why not avail yourself of the local facilities ?

Disney has a reputation for the best maintained courses  (407-939-4653) - All Approximately 11 miles away...
Bonnet Creek is 18 hole par 72.
Oak Trail is 9 hole par 36.
Lake Buena Vista is 18 hole par 72.
Magic Kingdom / Magnolia is 18 hole par 72.
Magic Kingdom / Palm is 18 hole par 72.

Hunter's Creek Public Course (407-240-4653) is 18 hole par 72 - Approximately 17 miles away...

Falcon's Fire Golf Club (407-239-5445) - Approximately 11 miles away...

The perfect setting ? - 11 courses within a short drive & many more to choose from if you so wish !
Away from the pressure of your every-day home demands.    The golfers' paradise.    Come and do what Floridians do so well - Relax !

Mickey Mouse teeing off...