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Disney is 'magical'.

First morning in Florida..... The trouble is, it's 5 hours behind UK time here, body clock says 'wake up it's breakfast time' - reality says it' 5 am & before dawn !!!    Advantage: It's easy to get to the parks at opening time....

Cards on the table: I was 47 on our first visit to Florida (1996) & had more or less decided that Disney was going to be one enormous bore:  the kids would have a really great time, but us adults would hate the place with a vengeance !!!
Have never been so wrong !!
As per  millions of  others, we began the process of Diznification at the Magic Kingdom. Turn onto World Drive from the 192, 3 lane highway under 'Welcome to Disney' sign - How BIG is this place ???
Into the biggest car park we'd ever seen, write area & row of parking place on ticket as the guide-books tell you & get on tram...trundle around a bit, great view of parked cars,  get off tram at what we think is entrance - now have choice of monorail or boat to main park - How big is this place ???? -  Like boat trips, so catch ferry-like craft which takes us across a huge lake with many boats of all descriptions.....5 / 10  minutes on boat adds suspense...Now at park entrance !!!
Credit must go to the legions of dedicated staff who keep the parks looking immaculate at all times !    The whole area consistently has a new, brightly painted & clean aura.  It really wouldn't be fair to describe the Magic Kingdom in detail - it has to be experienced first  hand.....Suffice it to say that we were very pleasantly surprised that adults and kids are both catered for in equal measure. There is a dedicated area for tiny children, but ours (being ancient at 7 &11) distained that for the 'thrill' rides..
Everyone should do "It's a Small World" at least once.....Have seen it described as
'would be better if all riders were equipped with soft balls' to throw, but the music will stay in your head for years......Kind of sums up the whole of Disney in one ride.
We were surprised how fast the time went, but managed to 'do' the whole park in a day. Had read in several guides that park food pretty bland, expensive and with little choice. Have to say that from a UK perspective, prices fair, choice really good with fresh fruit offered as an alternative to 'fries' - (If you get offered chips, you'll get crisps - it's a language thing) service quick & everywhere very very clean.
Try to ensure that you visit on a day when "Spectromagic" (the fireworks display) is being held - it's not every night.
We found the only downside is that when the fireworks are over, everyone makes an exit, which leads to large crowds & queues for transport.
It was only the next morning when we woke up that we realized just how far we'd walked....All the usuals: aches, pains & blisters. The guides are definitely right - comfy footwear is a must !!!!